you’re here now.

every body likes a good story. especially the shocking kind, or the inspiring kind, or even the belly-laughing funny kind. sharing our stories is how we bond. stories are how the next best thing to having someone into your home, it’s a sharing of the intimate, embarrassing, real, raw, and encouraging moments of our lives.

let’s take this even deeper. stories help define us. they’re something we experience and something we hold close. they are a deep and intricate part of our lives. stories helped bring us to where we are.

but, hear me out for a minute. what if we stopped letting our story define us?

this whole idea of what defines us has been all in my mind lately… in fact, there are three half-written blogs on the topic. as humans, how we define ourselves and/or how others define us can have such a huge effect. it can impact how we act, how we think, how we feel, how we react…

think for a minute… what if we let where we are right now define us.

what if the mom who waited until her only child was two before she decided to earn her body back was simply the mom who was at the gym working her booty off.

what if the mom who lost sixty pounds and for the first time in her life was no longer “overweight” and was a strong mom who is working at toning her muscles and getting fit.

what if the mom who has spent her life being fit and active was just like every other mom at the gym.

let’s face it. we have all been on some kind of journey. and whatever it was, however it made you felt – you’re here now. so be here. embrace here. let here be [badass] and wear it well.

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