You can’t start a blog with a messy…

I put my daughter down for her nap 10 minutes early. Lunch was over and I was too pumped and excited to wait any longer to write my “Bio” for the launch of our blog. 37 minutes later she is still rolling in her bed talking to herself and I haven’t even opened Word.

In that 37 minutes I have checked email, deleted 107 black Friday spam mails. Checked Facebook, personal and business… multiple times. Posted to Instagram. Played around on my Silhouette, reworking and idea for a Christmas present. Cleaned up my computer desktop… because you can’t start a blog with a messy desktop. Texted my husband about how pumped I am and how I am suppose to be writing for THIS blog. Texted a mommy friend who moved away and I don’t keep up with well enough.  Checked the gym check-ins and video feed multiple times. And now a shower. Oh and plugged in the iron, you know to iron the shirt that needs to be line dried and ironed. Something I forgot to check before purchasing. All to forget I plugged it in.

Writing this has been as intimidating as making the decision to start our own business. Telling our friends and families we planned to start our own business. Quitting my job to stay home with my daughter… all while starting a business. Actually opening the doors to said business. Waking up everyday as a wife, mom, boss, friend, daughter, sister, kickboxer, woman.

This is not another mom blog, fitness blog, cooking blog, cleaning blog. Our purpose is to inspire, encourage, and drive others to Define Your Win! All while being real. REAL. REAL. And a little bad ass too.



  1. Lindsey says:

    I am so excited about Define Your Win! Finally something different! Can’t wait to see what posts come next!

  2. Barb Kuyper says:

    Bring it girls!

  3. Kristy Griner says:

    Bad-assery is awesome. Let’s see it ladies. We are strong and beautiful, and it’s ok to share that. We never know when and where we can find motivation. Why not start here.

    Whoop whoop

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