Whole 30, Here She Comes!

Ya’ll. Been a while. Am I right?

No excuses here. Just been living. But I have some exciting news. ARE YOU READY?!?

I have decided to take the dive and participate in a WHOLE30!!!!

Anti-climactic for you right? Ha, some of you don’t know what it is. That is cool. Until recently I thought it was a fad diet and I had no desire to know anything about it either. BUT for those that care and want to learn a bit you can find everything you need to know here: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/

If you took the time to read it, great. If not… here is the skinny.

30 days of NO added sugar (bye honey); NO grains (OMG no overnight oats??); NO legumes (beans and PB are nope, nope, nope); NO PROTEIN POWDER ç Can I still back out?1?! There is more to it, but this should be shocking enough to get your attention.

OK, so here is why this is such a huge deal for me. Over the past 3 years I have made some uber drastic changes in my life. Had a kid, quit my job, opened a gym, lost 90 pounds, e.t.c. All great, awesome, life altering, amazing and HARD changes.


Hear me out. For the past year. I have been stuck. Same weight. Same muscle mass. Same body fat (shockingly still considered “overweight” – another post for another time); Same feeling when I see myself [naked] . While I am extremely proud of myself for all I have achieved. Including the fact that I maintained for a year… with minimal effort. I have decided that I work TOO hard to not be completely satisfied with my results. I have put too much time into exercise, nutrition, budgeting, shopping, nursing injuries, prepping and doing all-the-things, to not be 100% happy with where I am. I have resisted for a year. Told myself I am doing enough. But truth is. I just needed to be mentally ready for the next step. And well. Today I am.

So, I start in a little over a week. While this won’t be a complete overhaul for me, it will mean changes.  I will spend the next few days organizing my pantry and fridge into have and have-nots. I have already spent some eye opening time at the grocery store decideing compliant or not. Budget will be big for us, and some items I need are “specialty” so I need time to find those at a great value but not a fortune. Yesterday I bought kale for the first time… and a pizza. OH, that reminds me NO dairy (sweeeet melty cheese. Bye.)

In all honesty, I will blog some. But not daily. So follow me on Instagram for food updates:

@abbiemrice and a few sprinkles of my crazy toddler.


Side note: While yes, I am hoping to see some scale and physical changes from commiting to this program there is a far more important reason. Food sensitivities. I have suspected some lately. Particularly wheat and dairy. Because this isn’t a diet, there is a plan for reintroducing the foods back into my diet. I am most anxious to see those results.

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