christmas lights are my favorite. i used to love riding around as a kid during the christmas season and looking at all the beautiful, twinkling lights on everyone’s homes. it was as if everyone decided that no matter what had happened from february to november, we were all in agreement that life was good. and love was real. and good things were coming.

and even when santa became a symbol and presents became practical, it remained magical. each and every light, each and every christmas carol.

this year, however, i felt the magic of christmas shift ever so quickly. i don’t know if i am getting older and this is just part of it, or if it is a sign of the changing times. but all of the sudden, we started ignoring the twinkling lights and carols and started focusing on the goals of the new year. the joy of the magical season was lost in one fail swoop of how we were going to be bigger and better in 2017.

don’t get me wrong, 2016 wasn’t my favorite year either. we’ve had better, but we sure as hell have had worse. i’d give it a solid a-. but see, that right there is my problem, since when did we spend this special time of year deciding if we did or did not like the past 365 days? since when did the time that i used to spend oohing and aahing at pretty christmas lights without a care in the world become a time to decide if i did or didn’t like where i was in life?

i love christmas lights and [by golly] i love my life. i have loved the worst parts of the past twelve months and i think today is pretty great too. so… merry christmas [because the epiphany ends christmas season in my book]. and thanks to all my neighbors who will turn their twinkly lights on again tonight… it may be 2017 and all, but there’s still time for a little more magic.

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  1. brittany says:

    amen amen AMEN!!!

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