February 12, 2017

Whole 30, Here She Comes!

Ya’ll. Been a while. Am I right? No excuses here. Just been living. But I have some exciting news. ARE YOU READY?!? I have decided to take the dive and participate in a WHOLE30!!!! Anti-climactic for you right? Ha, some of you don’t know what it is. That is cool. Until recently I thought it was a fad diet and I had no desire to know anything about it either. BUT for those that care and want to learn a bit you can find everything you need to know here: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/ If you took the time to read it, great. If not… here is the skinny. 30 days of NO added sugar (bye honey); NO grains (OMG no overnight oats??); NO legumes (beans and PB are nope, nope, nope); NO PROTEIN POWDER ç Can I still back out?1?! There is more to it, but this should be shocking enough to […]
November 5, 2016

get back on track, repost!

check out this article from pure pharma about getting back on track after overindulgence… we couldn’t have written it better ourselves. [click on the picture to link to the story]
September 10, 2016

Woman Up!

Confession time. I texted Maggie today. Telling her to remind me that I have to write about how I recently let life take over. How I have completely neglected my diet and exercise due to well… life. And guys. It is so true. Last week I struggled with a slight back injury. Nothing huge. Just pulled, twisted, moved something in the wrong way and it nagged me all week. I listened to my body and took a few days of rest, chiropractic adjustments and deep blue massages. No biggie. Seriously. Sometimes our bodies NEED a break. I am here to advocate that is 100% ok. I want us all to push ourselves, but I want us to be smart about it. You know what wasn’t smart. Letting those few days of resting and healing my body turn into a few days of… comfort eating. Yes. It’s like I stop exercising […]
August 23, 2016


I have had a very weird couple of weeks. Just ask Maggie. Almost daily I am sending her some sort of message essentially relaying that I am feeling a bit lost. Unsure of my goals, my progress, my wants and desires. Some days I just don’t know. About anything. About being a spouse or parenting or running a business or being a good friend. Some days I just don’t know. Thankfully I have a friend I can babble to, sometimes she digs it out of me, sometime she doesn’t. Either way her friendship, especially at this point in my life is invaluable. Also, to be transparent. I am writing this post while sitting in the bathroom with my toddler. She only gets to use her “computer” during potty time. So anytime I touch mine, suddenly she remembers “ I go potty.” She rarely actually potties. But that is another story […]