October 8, 2016

chili season

last weekend there was football, cool air, ciders, and leggings. it was fall in full swing. so when i went grocery shopping, i was ready to try this new chili recipe i had pinned weeks before… ingredients were bought. weekly meal plan was set. and then the temperatures jumped back up to 81. oops. oh well, chili was on the menu. this chili is great because: all the ingredients can go in the crockpot, including raw meat. [disclaimer: i did microwave the sweet potatoes ahead of time] day two was 1000x better than day one it was brothy and light, but majorly flavorful [not too spicy]. not sticky, thick and tomatoey. crockpot sweet potato chipotle chili. enjoy.
August 29, 2016

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Raise your hand if you are sometimes afraid or intimidated by new foods or ingredients. <<My hand is raised>> I am seriously bad about this. I am a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to food. What works, works. And I stick with it. BUT lately we have been trying to further clean up our diet and it has me urging to try new things so I don’t yet again get stuck in a rut. You know the rut. Scrambeled eggs, apple, peanut butter, grilled chicken. Same ole. A few weeks ago during our 21 day challenge we saw another couple brag about buffalo chicken salad for lunch. Immediately Josh and I wanted to figure out how to make it… but skip the mayo. Enter into our lives. Veganaise. Yeah. I don’t like the sound of it and to tell the truth I was shocked Josh was up for […]
August 11, 2016

Cauliflower Pizza – The Pinterest Myth

Ok. I am on another no carb challenge. This time 21 days and with a group. So no cheating. Hubs is on the wagon this time which is making it a million times easier. It also means, I don’t want to just eat scrambled eggs and grilled chicken everyday. So despite my reservations. We decided to give cauliflower pizza a shot again. I will set the scene. We have made this several times. Every single time. Looks and smells delicious, but is a soggy droopy mess by the end. So after much tweeking and reading about 100 post on how to make it perfect; I believe I have mastered the crust. Seriously, for Josh to ask for it to be on the weekend rotation is a HUGE deal. I will preface. I am not a food blogger. So these post are tough for me. But I will do my best. […]
July 24, 2016

scrounging to the rescue

typically i follow a recipe. i am comfortable enough cooking to tweak as i feel so compelled to… but i’ve never just put together foods and made something. until one fateful day… when i wanted quinoa… but i didn’t know what to do with it. so i started tossing things in… spinach… dried cranberries [leftover from a delicious greek yogurt chicken salad]… feta… oh! and chicken if you want. and bam. there you have a killer side dish… or main dish if you go for chicken! i would like to say i have proportions… but i don’t. just add until it looks perfectly colorful. enjoy! -maggie