March 14, 2016

[bam] profile: Anna Dietzen

If the word strength is tossed around my house, it usually refers to Crossfit, muscles, and PRs. We have been through trials and tribulations that require emotional strength (and strength we have shown in them), but nothing like the story you are about to read. This girl is strong. Like the muscle strong and the emotional strong. Stronger than most. And gracious… and beautiful… and patient… and real… and pretty much the badassest of the badasses. Life has hit her with quite a span of tests and in my humble opinion – she has passed, with flying colors. But as you will read, motherhood for Anna isn’t all roses and won’t be a “typical” journey. Regardless – she takes on each day with balance, purpose, and a smile that will make anyone happy to see her. Meet: Anna Dietzen. Hi! I am Anna and I am a wife, mom, writer, runner, and lover of creative things. […]
February 22, 2016

[bam] profile: Brandi McElhaney

Meet my life coach. I am not sure if she knows that is literally how I introduce her to other people. Barely a day goes by that I don’t pick Brandi’s brain about something fitness or nutrition related. I ping her with my insecurities, my struggles, and she is always there to tell to to eat my veggies. But more importantly she is one of my biggest most dedicated fit mom inspirations. She cooks a mean clean meal and throws amazing birthday parties, all while helping others realize and achieve their goals. I just can’t say enough good things about this amazingly beautiful and inspirational bad ass mom. [-Abbie] On that note. Our next [bam], Brandi McElhaney. —— I grew up in a dance studio, where I spent every spare second I had learning, perfecting, and growing as an athlete (Read: I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain […]
January 3, 2016

6 tips for 2016 badassery

1. acknowledge where you are – we didn’t start this blog to tell you it’s okay to take it easy. but we also know [from experience] that everyone’s ground zero is a different story. if you’re like me, grab a cute piece of stationary and make a list. what can you do… what do you do… where do you struggle… in a perfect world, what could you do… my fourth grade english teacher taught me that there are no bad ideas when brainstorming, and i’ve never looked back. the key to being a [badass] is not looking to where other people are and trying to reach it, but instead looking at where you are and where you want to be. don’t get me wrong, we all have girl crushes that we admire and dream of being like… but they’re nothing more than a distant crush. so take a second and fall […]
October 11, 2015

what i want my daughters to know about their bodies…

i am constantly preaching to my husband about the impact he has on our daughter’s lives. knowing how important and special my dad was in forming me, i am always reminding him of how powerful [good and bad] his words and actions can be to our girls. but it’s really, really easy for me to forget that i have the same power. right now it’s easy to imprint on our girls that they are beautiful, cool, stylish, talented, and just utterly fantastic. whatever we say is gospel because developmentally they can’t think any differently. they don’t know what it means to be judged, they aren’t yearning for approval from others, and they definitely are not comparing themselves to the other girls they see. i have to remind myself each and every day that how i feel about my body, how i react to compliments [or challenges], and how i behave toward my body […]