August 21, 2016

i lost the why.

everyone begins their journey. and everyone embarks on their journey. not everyone finishes. but what happens when you do finish? well, that’s a question that i wish i had planned for in this journey. i am not saying i am finished. i am not saying i have achieved irreversible [badassery]. but i set a goal, and i made it. i wanted to reach a certain level of fitness after childbirth, and i did. so, like every good coach, i made a new list of goals. around the time i felt like i “finished” with my postpartum goals, i wrote new ones. measurable, attainable, goals. and i even threw in some emotional and spiritual components as well. 1. squat 200 2. deadlift 300 3. squat snatch 125 4. squat clean and jerk 160 5. sub 8min mile 6. complete 27health&wellness 8 week nutrition challenge 7. compete in 3 crossfit competitions 8. tour […]
July 19, 2016


I have been writing this post for 2 weeks. I just couldn’t quite get what was in my head on paper. And I know why. I was dancing around the issue. Dancing because I know what I have to say may/will/should ruffle some feathers. So if you aren’t ready to hear the truth. Stop reading. We will keep posting yummy recipes and the occasional funny meme, so you can follow us for that fluff. “How do you stay so motivated?” This is without a doubt in the top 5 questions I am asked about my fitness journey. Closely, if not more often than “Do you eat carbs?” Over the years I have given many many answers. And my answers have evolved over time. All were true and real. Some were shallow, like looking better naked. Some were legit long term health goals, like improving my core strength so my nagging […]
June 12, 2016

i worked for this

i have a group text with two of my favorite peoples, and we named the thread “three little badasses”. each of us are moms, each of us are at different stages in life, we all get our [badasses] kicked at crossfit and live to tell the stories, and we just really love each other. so as we did our usual conversational texting about family, trips, and crossfit – this conversation went down: their compliment made me smile. their jokes made me laugh. and then, i decided it was time to post this blog [yes, post means i had already written it… edited it… sent to abbie… rewritten it… edited it again… etc…]. i have been working my [badass] off since charlie was born. [4 months postpartum] i’ve done 24-day challenges, i’ve done 8 week nutrition challenges, i’ve done two-a-days, i’ve done personal training sessions, i’ve done extra workouts at home, i’ve joined […]
March 31, 2016

Dear Scale…

Dear Scale, Screw. You. When I asked Josh to get you out of your hiding spot. I was excited. Been a good while since I had seen you. I was starting to get worried that Josh forgot where he put you. Did you know I secretly looked for you one day? I bet you did. And you laughed at me. That is probably when you realized I would be back. Some day. And you would play more of your dirty tricks on me. While I won’t pretend this letter will be the time I tell you we are splitting up. We aren’t. I am gonna be for real. I care about the number on your screen. I wish I didn’t. But sadly, I do. And without a doubt I will kill my expectations one day. It will be a happy day for me and you. I may hug you. It […]