January 3, 2017

missing christmas

christmas lights are my favorite. i used to love riding around as a kid during the christmas season and looking at all the beautiful, twinkling lights on everyone’s homes. it was as if everyone decided that no matter what had happened from february to november, we were all in agreement that life was good. and love was real. and good things were coming. and even when santa became a symbol and presents became practical, it remained magical. each and every light, each and every christmas carol. this year, however, i felt the magic of christmas shift ever so quickly. i don’t know if i am getting older and this is just part of it, or if it is a sign of the changing times. but all of the sudden, we started ignoring the twinkling lights and carols and started focusing on the goals of the new year. the joy of the magical season was […]
September 10, 2016

Woman Up!

Confession time. I texted Maggie today. Telling her to remind me that I have to write about how I recently let life take over. How I have completely neglected my diet and exercise due to well… life. And guys. It is so true. Last week I struggled with a slight back injury. Nothing huge. Just pulled, twisted, moved something in the wrong way and it nagged me all week. I listened to my body and took a few days of rest, chiropractic adjustments and deep blue massages. No biggie. Seriously. Sometimes our bodies NEED a break. I am here to advocate that is 100% ok. I want us all to push ourselves, but I want us to be smart about it. You know what wasn’t smart. Letting those few days of resting and healing my body turn into a few days of… comfort eating. Yes. It’s like I stop exercising […]
August 23, 2016


I have had a very weird couple of weeks. Just ask Maggie. Almost daily I am sending her some sort of message essentially relaying that I am feeling a bit lost. Unsure of my goals, my progress, my wants and desires. Some days I just don’t know. About anything. About being a spouse or parenting or running a business or being a good friend. Some days I just don’t know. Thankfully I have a friend I can babble to, sometimes she digs it out of me, sometime she doesn’t. Either way her friendship, especially at this point in my life is invaluable. Also, to be transparent. I am writing this post while sitting in the bathroom with my toddler. She only gets to use her “computer” during potty time. So anytime I touch mine, suddenly she remembers “ I go potty.” She rarely actually potties. But that is another story […]
August 21, 2016

i lost the why.

everyone begins their journey. and everyone embarks on their journey. not everyone finishes. but what happens when you do finish? well, that’s a question that i wish i had planned for in this journey. i am not saying i am finished. i am not saying i have achieved irreversible [badassery]. but i set a goal, and i made it. i wanted to reach a certain level of fitness after childbirth, and i did. so, like every good coach, i made a new list of goals. around the time i felt like i “finished” with my postpartum goals, i wrote new ones. measurable, attainable, goals. and i even threw in some emotional and spiritual components as well. 1. squat 200 2. deadlift 300 3. squat snatch 125 4. squat clean and jerk 160 5. sub 8min mile 6. complete 27health&wellness 8 week nutrition challenge 7. compete in 3 crossfit competitions 8. tour […]