August 23, 2016


I have had a very weird couple of weeks. Just ask Maggie. Almost daily I am sending her some sort of message essentially relaying that I am feeling a bit lost. Unsure of my goals, my progress, my wants and desires. Some days I just don’t know. About anything. About being a spouse or parenting or running a business or being a good friend. Some days I just don’t know. Thankfully I have a friend I can babble to, sometimes she digs it out of me, sometime she doesn’t. Either way her friendship, especially at this point in my life is invaluable. Also, to be transparent. I am writing this post while sitting in the bathroom with my toddler. She only gets to use her “computer” during potty time. So anytime I touch mine, suddenly she remembers “ I go potty.” She rarely actually potties. But that is another story […]
July 19, 2016


I have been writing this post for 2 weeks. I just couldn’t quite get what was in my head on paper. And I know why. I was dancing around the issue. Dancing because I know what I have to say may/will/should ruffle some feathers. So if you aren’t ready to hear the truth. Stop reading. We will keep posting yummy recipes and the occasional funny meme, so you can follow us for that fluff. “How do you stay so motivated?” This is without a doubt in the top 5 questions I am asked about my fitness journey. Closely, if not more often than “Do you eat carbs?” Over the years I have given many many answers. And my answers have evolved over time. All were true and real. Some were shallow, like looking better naked. Some were legit long term health goals, like improving my core strength so my nagging […]
March 12, 2016


Let’s talk [ attitude ]. I googled it. For dramatic blog purposes. We will start with the dictionary meaning. at·ti·tude ˈadəˌt(y)o͞od/ noun a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. I won’t dwell. But I find it interesting that “settled” is part of the definition. Because that sounds so permanent… like buying a house or marriage. And I don’t know about you but my attitude can turn on a dime. Thankfully or regretfully, but it is never “settled”. I am training for a 5k. It is only a few days away. To my great surprise I have trained and I AM READY! I am not nervous a single bit. I AM GONNA RUN A WHOLE 5K. Most of you don’t know me. I am a kickboxer (see 9Round)… yes. I have recently  changed my life and I am […]
January 12, 2016

Take a Compliment

On my way to work today I listened to the Bobby Bones show. That guy, he is too personable. I just get sucked in. The segment was on who knows what. They ramble… but in a good way. Bobby brought up compliments. And why we don’t just take them. When someone compliments us we never simply reply with “Thank You”. But we should. It makes sense. It got me thinking. My recent weight loss has opened me up to compliments almost daily. And I don’t take them well. They make me feel very very self conscious. I don’t really understand why. But they do. I appreciate them, but they make me feel… tense. So I sat for a few minutes before I went into work and told myself this is something I want to work on. My New Year Resolution of sorts. Learning to say “Thank You” when someone gives […]